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teaching & freelance editing

1. Fall 2024: Christine will be teaching a fiction workshop, with a special focus on story openings, for Stanford University's Continuing Studies Program - more information here. She also teaches in SCS's Online Writing Certificate (OWC) program, which is a 2-year program that focuses on novel-writing.

2. Year-round: Christine serves as the faculty director and fiction faculty member of the graduate creative writing program housed in Northwestern University's School of Professional Studies. Admissions- and curriculum-related information can be found here. Application deadlines are October 15, January 15, April 15, and July 15.

3. Year-round: Christine does freelance manuscript critiques and edits and advises on agent query letters. Please message her through this site for more information. 

Testimonials from previous author clients:


From award-winning novelist & short story writer Matthew Lansburgh:

"I met Christine Sneed in late 2017, soon after my book Outside Is the Ocean was published. From our first conversations, it was clear to me that our sensibilities were very much aligned, and since then, she's become one of my most trusted readers. She has read a broad cross-section of the fiction I've written over the past several years as well as some of my creative nonfiction, and, in all cases, I've found her feedback to be invaluable. Not only is she able to pinpoint specific areas in my work that need improvement, but she's able to provide concrete suggestions at a micro as well as a macro level. She always strikes the right balance between being encouraging and providing constructive criticism, and her comments invariably help me see missed opportunities. She's perceptive, whip-smart, generous, and incredibly wise."

From award-winning novelist & short story writer Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry, author of What Isn’t Remembered and The Orchard:

“Christine Sneed is an astute, generous, smart, and diligent reader and editor. She’s also a wonderful human being who makes a writer proud of her work. I admire her fiction as much as I admire and respect her editorial skills. Her sharp eye, unwavering support, and collaborative spirit, have aided my revision process tremendously. Her informed critique has never compromised the creative integrity of my work, and I won’t hesitate to seek her professional advice in the future.”


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