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tom swifties 

Literary Brain Teaser!

If you're not familiar with the Tom Swifty, it's a type of pun that can be addictive once you start writing a few of your own.

Some examples: 

"Don't you dare shoot that rubberband at me!" she snapped.

"I just got another flat," he said tiredly.

"Will you quit rustling around in my closet!" said Leif.

"Who was in the sauna with you while I was at work today?" she asked hotly.

"Unlike you, I've always been a dog person," he barked.

"Watch out for that broken glass!" she said sharply.

"This pencil tip is dull," she said pointedly.

"I wouldn't mind going with you to the tennis match," she said gamely.

"Some of my windows were broken in the storm," he said, pained.

"I don't like going to museums," he said artlessly.

"My cat George is my dearest friend," Tabitha purred.


From Philip Graham:

“Your tears simply do not affect me,” he observed dryly.

“The food here is terrible,” he muttered, swallowing his words.

“I agree,” she replied, “even the vegetables are overcooked!" she steamed.

“Sorry about that butt call,” he said cheekily.

“Everything in Texas is bigger,” he said in measured tones.  “Even the cowboys,” he continued hoarsely.

“The phone reception here is excellent,” he said clearly. 


From Ruth Hutchison:

"I really don't like tending the garden," he said witheringly.


From Tony Ellis:

"I really like hot dogs," he said with relish.

"You dance just like Fred Astaire," she said gingerly. 

"That's not how you draw a circle," he criticized her roundly.

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